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How Much does a Property Survey Cost?

How Much does a Property Survey Cost?

What are the Reasons to Get a Land Survey?

There are many reasons to have a land survey, whether it is a property you own or a piece of ground you are considering to buy. There are many questions in the mind of a people which should be answered:-

  1. When to have the land surveyed
  2. Preparing for a land survey
  3. What the survey includes
  4. Who pays for the survey
  5. The cost of a land survey and factors that determine the cost
  6. Affordable alternatives to a land survey

What does the Land Survey Indicate?

The land survey tells you that exactly where your property lines end.  In other words, land surveys are binding, professionally certifies pieces of evidence that precisely state the true and legal boundaries of your property. A survey is most likely needed when you carry out the major renovations or additions on your house or land.

Cost of a Property Survey

Several factors shape the final bill of a land survey. The cost of hiring a professional surveyor is not so straightforward as paying for routine repair work or other general home services. The price of the property survey varies based on the locality and surveyor but also by dozens of project specific details. Nationally the average cost to purchase a land survey is about $456witha range between $367 and nearly $490. These figures can vary greatly based on location and a myriad of other factors.

Cost Factors in a Property Survey

Even after analyzing over 2,000 land survey projects, the average price above this cost may not be accurate for your parcel or area. That is because there are plenty of factors that can increase or decrease your property survey cost.

Some of the Factors-Affecting the Property Survey are: –

Land Size

The longer will be the land in cross-section, the higher will be the cost of the land survey. Approx 1 acre lot will cost less to the survey than the 2, 000 acres. This is because there is more area which the land surveyor must monitor. Even it is more difficult to access the exact property line if you are living in a rural area. Staying in a rural area without a fence also makes it must difficult to find the exact property line. Sadly this raises your final land survey cost.


It is very important as it is much more like a roof, the more difficult the terrain, the higher the cost will be. That is why pitched roofs cost more to install or repair than flat roofs. But when we consider land surveys, difficult terrains with significant tree cover or underbrush costs more as do disputed boundaries. So it’s just the two main factors which makes the land more complicated.

Research & Travel Time

It’s sad but true that certain properties have been looked at more than others. If your property falls in the latter, then it may be more difficult to research your property again. Sadly that raises the land survey prices.

Why a Land Survey is needed?

This is the major question which gets arouse in the minds of many people that if you already own a land then why you get a land survey? Well, there are a plenty of reasons to do so and believe it or not plenty of homeowners pay to professional land survey even if they are not interested in selling their home.

Settle Neighbor Disputes

People find them lucky if they get along with their neighbors. If not, then it surely pays to have a land survey handy. This is because when it comes to fence installations, landscaping updates or any other exterior upgrades along the property lines, a land survey will undoubtedly solve all your disputes among-st neighbors. Bear in mind even if you don’t live near another home, many municipalities have guidelines for building a fence to the property lines. It’s only the survey from where you get an idea to get the property lines. A land survey will tell you where those property lines are.

Tax Benefits

From the property taxes, you may get an idea that they don’t stay stagnant for years. They change and that can be due to inflation, new construction, remodels and various other factors. Whenever the country assessor’s office evaluates the taxes, they preview the certified land survey. Presenting this survey and having it if you protesting about the increase in your tax will certainly encourage them to keep your taxes down.

Determine Size of Land

Only a few are aware of the size of the land or parcel. While your land doesn’t come up in the day to day conversation, it will certainly come in handy when buying a new house.

When you are finding an appropriate home to live, you must determine the price per square foot for the actual house and the property. The county assessor’s office is not always correct, so don’t consider information on their website as the end. The land cost per square foot is not only important when selling your home, but also comparing to proposed properties


Only a licensed professional surveyor conducts and guarantees the land surveys. Your professional land survey will surely be addressed if you ever go to court over a dispute, like with a brother.

Surveyor’s Liability

One does not pay for the surveyor’s time and work hence he pays for the solid professional standing. When a surveyor certifies his or her work then it means they will defend it in court if challenged. If there are losses, damages or a boundary dispute caused by an erroneous land survey then the surveyor will be held responsible for it rather than the property owner.

The extent of the liability is determined by the state law and it lasts for five to ten years after the survey has been completed. This is why it is important to find and hire a fully licensed and insured surveyor. Mainly the one who has been in business for many years.

As always, these points will definitely help you in assessing the cost of the property through a survey.



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