How do I find out who is the owner of a house?

how to find real owner of House

The most arduous task is to find out the owner of a dilapidated piece of property. Finding out the real owner of a property needs cleaning up, or want to make an offer on your dream property that isn’t yet for sale, locating the names of a property owner can be easy as knocking down the doors. This task becomes so time-consuming that sometimes the requesting copies of public tax records at the country’s assessor’s office are required. If you have tried all your level best to find out the owner of the property and yet if all the attempts to act as your own private investigator is failing, then you can always pay a professional to investigate a comprehensive property records search to find the property owners.

Use public records

Contact the country’s tax assessors

On a hired piece of property, everyone pays the tax on it but if the owner is delinquent on his or her taxes, the state and country will be looking for them too.

If The current property taxes are not used, the country may foreclose on the property and sell it at the public auction.

After going to the website of tax assessor in the country where the property is located, you may be able to search the records online. In more rural countries you may have to go to the tax assessor’s office or your local public library and search paper records.

In most cases, the street address of the property is known to you hence you can search the country’s database from it. One can get the most precise results if you have determined the flat number or block of the property.

The tax record must also include the name and contact information of the property owner.

The tax record may also include the detail about the most recent appraisal of the property, including its dimensions, number of rooms, type of heating or air conditioning and other property features.

If the property has a tax lien or deficiency, the owners may be more willing to sell the property to get rid of the debt.

Call 411 directory assistance

Having the owners name and the address of the property with yourself may be able to make you get telephone number easily.

C. Consult your public record such as property deeds

Make sure to take a trip to the country recorder’s office and pull up the deed to the property as soon as the property deeds are recording. The recorder of the deeds is responsible for maintaining the public records of all land ownership and transfers. In some countries, the recorder’s office is located in the county’s courthouse. Some recorders offices may grab these recorders online for you to search, especially if the property is in a major metropolitan area.

What are deed records?

These deed records mean the transfer of the property, so you not only pinpoint the current owner of the record, but you must know that from whom you reclaimed the property from and if there are any liens on the property you must be assured of it.

Once the person has determined the plot or plot number of the property, the plant number is the only information which is required for the legal description of the property on the deed.


Conversating with the neighbors

Try to conversate with the nearest neighbor if they know the property owner. Neighbors may be willing to reveal the important information about other owners that would be difficult to obtain elsewhere.  If local residents are familiar with the owners of the property, you should be aware that those people should be approachable to the people.


Scope out the neighborhood

If you want to purchase a property for your loved ones then take an immediate action. Especially if the property is a home then go and purchase it. Access the condition of the surrounding lots and then decide to acquire the property. If the entire neighborhood looks run down and abandoned, the search may not be worth, instead, you are saving your precious time while involving your neighbors in this act.

Be open up with your underlying prevailing thoughts to everyone. Don’t hang around too much or the neighbors may start to get suspicious. If you are conversating with anyone, or if anyone is approaching you and asking you that what are you doing then be upfront about your intentions. If you want to buy a property, you don’t have to start off on with the wrong foot ahead. The steps must be taken after thinking wisely.

Get the address of the property

You may have to talk to the neighbors to figure out the street address, particularly if there are several houses in a row with no visible street numbers. One may need the location to search the public records of the new property owner’s identity as well.

A postcard might work

Send a postcard to the property address. This is an unobtrusive way to introduce yourself and make your intentions known. Send the postcard through the mail and just don’t leave it in the box or on the property. If the owners have moved elsewhere then it’s possible that they have the mail forwarded to a different address. So if any property is truly abandoned then it is being likely, but it’s worth a shot. Make sure to include your name and a phone number on the post number on the postcard as well as the reason you are contacting the owner.

Determine the plot or block of the property

This survey system is most frequently used to parcel out the subdivisions in the suburban areas or define property boundaries in a densely populated urban area.

Hiring a professional

It is just to talk to the real estate agent if you are watching a sign in nearby yards for a particular real estate agent, give them and ask about the property. An agent who is selling other houses or property in the area is likely to have knowledge about the neighborhood. In addition to the knowledge about the neighborhood including general demographics and property value trends, a real estate agent must have contact with title search companies and other professional resources.

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